“Something inside me died…”

The Other Side of Midnight

Source: Goodreads
Paris…Washington…a peaceful Midwestern campus…a fabulous villa in Greece…all part of a terrifying web of intrigue and treachery as a ruthless trio of human beings – an incredibly beautiful film star, a legendary Greek tycoon, a womanizing international adventurer- use an innocent American girl as a bewildered, horror-stricken pawn in a desperate game of vengeance and betrayal, love and lust, life and death…

Plot: This story is about four enthralling personalities. Each one is bound to have an effect. Noelle Page uses her power to captivate the world full of men to get what she wants. She then uses it to seek revenge on the person she has truly loved, Larry Douglas. But did that hatred conquered her love and passion that she has once felt for the man?

Constantin Demeris is also used by Noelle. Little did she know, Constantin Demeris is not an ordinary man. He is a powerful tycoon not to be reckon with. He holds absolute power and has his own way of giving justice.

Catherine Alexander is the character that has no evil motives but had been caught up in the action. She’s just a loving wife that works to keep her marriage alive.


My Insights: 

This novel should be avoided when you have a busy schedule. Once you start reading it, you wouldn’t able to stop. The novel is a definite page turner and takes more of a firm hold with every turn of the page.

The writing style can be said as the book’s weakness. The story started with the tale of Noelle page and then leaps to the story of Catherine. It also keeps on jumping from time to time. The story turns to the other character when you very much want to know what happens next which is kind of one of its flaw. But both lives are connected to one another. The ending is the best.  And be prepared on the shocking twist.

This could be the book if you’re into a tale of vengeance and intense passion. Throughout the book, the thrill and suspense are kept alive. The story is also well structured. It is not recommended for kids below 18 because it might get explicit at places. Overall, I would definitely recommend the novel. Sidney Sheldon also outdone himself in this book. Once you finish the novel, you would read its sequel Memories of Midnight.

Rating: 4/5


What others are saying about The Best Laid Plans:


Kammbial’s Blog‘s Review: This novel definitely passed the exam for being entertaining. Lust, Revenge, Power, Innocence, and interesting plot twists all made for a novel that many people wanted to read and made a best-seller.

E-Reviews‘s review: One of the great thing about this book is the drama and theme of it. The strong storyline and bewitching characters may be a part of fiction but never once you feel them far from reality or you don’t want them to be.




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