Desire for Vengeance

The Best Laid Plans

by Sidney Sheldon

Number of Pages:- 344

Publisher:- Harper Collins

Genre:- Suspense/Thriller

Source: Goodreads

He wanted power. Oliver Russell is fated to rise to the pinnacle of power, President of the United States. She wanted revenge. Leslie Stewart is his betrayed fiancee. Amassing her own media empire, on her fortieth birthday, she looks back. What went wrong?


I have read many books about vengeance but this novel is kind of different from others. It really had surprise me. I hate that the female lead’ revenge turns into failure. Leslie Stewart is really intelligent as the story goes. I really love how she take risks in making her own media empire but the flaw on her is her revenge.

Revenge is an action which causes people to act blindly and without much reason. It can be defined as, the act of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs ( In the story, Leslie plans revenge on her ex-fiancé because of betraying her when they about to get married. The thought of revenge is on Leslie’s mind throughout the story. As a result, she became selfish and eventually the cause of her failure. Revenge can take over one’s thoughts and can cause negative personality and life changes as it did with Leslie. Selfishness is one of the outcomes of revenge. While Leslie executes her plans in building her own media empire, she didn’t know that her employees are being affected. It shows her selfishness. Leslie might have been in love again in the story but she pushed her feelings aside in order to pursue the path of revenge. In the end, Leslie used media for revenge but without proofs and evidence she became a laughingstock in the whole world.

Revenge never has a positive outcome, as it usually leads to a person’s downfall. Nonetheless, individuals fail to realize this as they blindly pursue their vengeance.



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