He wanted POWER. She wanted REVENGE.

My Insights


I love The Best Laid Plans. Like Tell Me Your Dreams, this book had blow my mind. I didn’t anticipate the turn of events. You will question yourself how the characters connect to each other. This book didn’t break the promise of this premise. Even if its quick read, I have loved every characters.

From the synopsis, this book had really caught my attention. Who wouldn’t be when its about a story of revenge and a book written by Sidney Sheldon. I was really amazed at the plot twist. Even though I don’t know much about politics, it is easy to understand as the story goes. I even pictured the ending as a happy ending for my favorite character in this novel.

I really love how Sidney Sheldon portrays his characters especially the female leads. They all have the skills and talents. And some of them are fighters like Leslie Stewart. I really love Leslie’s character and she’s my favorite. She stand out in this story. She is beautiful and she knows it. It is kind of cute that Leslie reads horoscope and its somehow became important on Leslie’s story. She’s really intelligent that is why you’ll be in shock on how she executes her plan to take revenge on Oliver. I don’t like Oliver Russell’s personality. He is also a clever person but he’s being manipulate in the story. Oliver loves to be a politician. He wanted power. He even betrayed Leslie. One of the things I don’t like about him is the reputation of having slept with most of the ladies. Even though I hate him, he is capable of being a president.

There other important characters in this book like Senator Davis, Peter Tager and Dana Evans. You must take note of them. Overall, this book is very detailed and you will love each part of it. Sidney Sheldon really outdone himself in this book.


What others are saying about The Best Laid Plans:

Book Worm Reads’s Review: It is a highly engrossing story, and with its plot twists makes for an excellent read.

Saurabh’s Lounge’s Review: The story has a lot of twists and turns which will keep your mind busy in guessing the sequence of events.



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