“Someone was following me…”

Tell Me Your Dreams

 Source: Amazon

She had read about stalkers, but they belonged in a different, faraway world. She had no idea who it could be, who would want to harm her. She was trying desperately not to panic, but lately her sleep had been filled with nightmares, and she had awakened each morning with a feeling of impending doom.

Thus begins Sidney Sheldon’s chilling new novel, Tell Me Your Dreams. Three beautiful young women are suspected of committing a series of brutal murders. The police make an arrest that leads to one of the most bizarre murder trials of the century. Based on actual events, Sheldon’s novel races from London to Rome to the city of Quebec to San Francisco, with a climax that will leave the reader stunned.

My Insights

This is the first book that I have read and had kept me guessing until the very end. It creates questions that gives an impatient feeling to finish the book to a reader. Tell Me Your Dreams had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Sidney Sheldon is an excellent author and every story has a twisted plot on it which is what I adore about his books.

Tell Me Your Dreams hooks you from the very first page. The synopsis really gives you the base of the story. It’s like a mystery but there is so much more to it than that. There are medical scenes involve that highlights the story. It also involves a self discovery and a touch of revelations. There truly is so much more to this story than meets the eye.

Ashley Patterson is an interesting main character. She is vulnerable and quite weak. She is also quite decent. She had a peculiar life and while things are making her anxious, they took a dark turn, but not so sudden. Her father, Dr. Patterson, is a famous cardiologist and she loves him the way her father loves her. Ashley has a dark previous that she can’t remember and that is the secret of her father.

Toni Prescott is my favorite character. She has the charms that I want for a girl. Other than being pretty, she is brave, wild and speak up to herself but she is sort of a mean girl. Under those personalities, there is her hidden side. Then there goes Alette peters. I also like her because she is more innocent than Ashley. She is kind of kind and understanding. Toni and Alette are talented but they have motherly issues. They know each other and they know Ashley.

The three ladies and Dr. Patterson may have some secrets but I liked them all very much. This wasn’t your typical story about a girl having some stalker problems thinking that someone is following her. Instead, Ashley Patterson find herself in a murder that she had no clue about. A crime where five men are stabbed to death and castrated. Toni may have stood as bad person but I really admire her personality. She is like the big sister of Ashley and Alette.

I also like the character of David Singer and Dr. Gilbert Keller. Other than helping to prove her not guilty, they also help her be cured and build herself up again. There are other male characters that I thought would be their happily ever after but became the conflict in the story.

Overall, Tell Me Your Dreams could not have been better. Both adult and young adult fans like me will find something to appreciate about this one. You will learn so much in this book. I really love this story and it makes me pleased that the first novel that I read was a book written by Sidney Sheldon. His books has also been my second and third. Who knows? Maybe another book written by him would be on my next list to read. See you on my next blog post, tata.

What others are saying about Tell Me Your Dreams: 

The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger’s Review:“If you are not into courtroom dramas, do not worry, it is not too intense, you will fly through the few chapters dedicated to it, it is not in depth, and comprises a relatively small section of the book.”

Sulaiman’s Work’s Review:“Its a faced paced, gripping and an un-put-downable book from Sidney Sheldon. The plot is very engaging and has everything to keep the reader going. If you are a Sidney Sheldon fan or a mystery novel lover you would really have a great time reading this. I personally had goosebumps and strong adrenaline as the story neared the climax. Its surely gonna be an unforgettable book down my reading history.”



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